PS1 Games

How can the world be called modern if there is no PS1 in it? People in every corner of the planet know about it. This is very convenient, gives realism, and also all the challenges become brighter! This category contains a huge number of them, so that everyone will find something that he likes. Let’s plunge into this universe of fun and joy right now!

Simple control!

Each game has a fascinating storyline and graphics. I want to quickly reach the finish line or the end point in order to find out what will happen next. There will be no difficulties, so do not worry. Whether you’re a beginner or a true pro, it doesn’t matter. Even a child who, apart from a lollipop, did not hold anything else in his hands before, will figure it out here.

The PS1 has several buttons that you can use to control your character, car, and more. Direct them up, down, straight, left, oblique, and so on. There is nothing easier than this, but you will not understand it until you try it. Let’s relax and go to a place you can only dream of! What will you choose – adrenaline, hostility, exploration or horror?

Favorite genres!

One of the most popular games is racing. Here, players always feel high, an overabundance of emotions and freedom. Only in such challenges will everyone be able to travel around different countries without having real driving documents. Feel what it’s like to drive at lightning speed and forget about all the problems!

In addition, this can be done in multiplayer mode. But also participants can fight in the arena with their friends in battles. Unlock new abilities, improve old ones and get rewards! What about using PS1 to find out which of you is cooler and more powerful? Prove to them that you have an excellent reaction and the ability to quickly adapt!

If you love horror, then in this category you will be able to experience fear. Visit abandoned buildings, dungeons and more full of traps. In addition to the main tasks – to survive and escape, there are plenty of others. What about going head-to-head with a serial killer and killing him first? Such games will make everyone worry and think about their future actions!

Become witnesses of a wide variety of stories that will give you unforgettable emotions. In this category, players can also go on adventures where they will meet popular heroes. Collect collectibles, complete missions, earn points and more! Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve great results!