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Project Playtime

If you have ever heard of the blue toothy monster, welcome to the new project from the creators of the Playtime Co. factory. New unreal toys that will be waiting for you by the end of 2022 have already sharpened their teeth. They will be hungry and bloodthirsty. They will be waiting for you around every corner. You must be determined to win this time.

What will be the conditions for your survival? Are they worth your effort? Play until you find out the true essence of this enterprise. In addition, you are waiting for new interesting puzzles from the creator of Haggi. Will the whole long-armed family be together, or will someone lurk in a secret corridor? Who will open the hunting season for users this time?

Project Playtime is shrouded in mysterious secrets. Someone is talking about new missions. Someone – about new riddles. But everyone does not forget to mention the multiplayer mode. Now several players can enter the game at once. It will be possible to share impressions and find common clues.

Now it is not so scary to wander through the mysterious corridors and rooms alone. Maybe that will be the deciding factor. After all, before that, all the fear and risk fell on the shoulders of one user. Now someone from the outside will be able to share participation in the death race.