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This is a continuation for all fans of the famous game! In this part, the player will control Audrey. She has to go to the studio where animations are made. This place is no longer what it used to be. Explore this building and stay alive!

The gameplay will surprise you with its simplicity, but which intrigues every second. Here every moment will be unexpected and impossible to predict. There are many ink creatures in the kingdom that just want to attack the hero.

Do you dare to walk around the cartoon center? There are a lot of secrets to unravel here, but it will take a lot of patience. Solve puzzles using intelligence, dexterity and even cunning and intuition. Without these qualities, no one can cope!

The territory is long abandoned and no one can help you! Use all hidden talents to get out of this trap! In addition, terrible monsters are waiting for you on every corner. Fight them, but be too careful! Bendy and the Dark Revival takes players on a mind-blowing journey!