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Well, are you ready to survive in a world full of magic? There are too many interesting and exciting moments waiting for you in Don’t Starve. Only you can deal with them and not become a madman! You will have many tasks that you must complete on time.

Otherwise, you don’t belong here! You must be attentive, clearly fulfill the goals and not be afraid of difficulties. There will be a huge number of them here, but they will show you who you really are!

Go to the Universe where you need to save yourself!

Before you start your journey, you need to choose your hero. He will be a scientist and it is up to you to decide what abilities he will have. Since he is very wise, and the demon does not like it, he sends him to another world.

Once there, Maxwell will meet you. He will be your, one might say, mentor, who will always be by your side. Everything here is based on magic and science, so you need to adapt.

From the very beginning it will become clear that you need to survive here. You don’t have anything that can help you with this. You are already an adult and therefore you have to get everything yourself.

What you find here will only be yours. You can apply tools and resources in different ways, as long as there is a result. In this game you have to hold out as long as possible.

Find out about one of the endings!

Your day will be divided into 2 stages, which have their own tasks. First you need to go about your business and think about tomorrow. Make sure that you are not hungry and also that you have a place to sleep. Complete different missions that are of great importance.

Everything must be done before the sun starts to set. When darkness comes, you will hardly see anything. It will make you a real coward, because you do not know what is behind the tree. While you are playing, you must keep an eye on your character’s health. You cannot freeze or vice versa overheat.

Make sure to always be safe. Also at night, because of fear, you can lose your mind. To avoid this, you need to collect flowers or cook something that will increase it. Eat mushrooms, toffee or dumplings. If you leave everything as it is, it can lower your health. And when everything reaches the zero mark, you will die.

As you fulfill your duties, you are getting closer to the end. Whether it ends well or badly depends only on you! Here, no one will lead you by the hand, so you need to learn how to be independent. In Don’t Starve each decision you make will change the course of events!