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FNAF Security Breach

Here we are to tell you about the announced part of a famous series: FNAF Security Breach. The release was initially planned for the end of 2020, then it was retimed for early 2021 and now information about the release indicates late 2021 only.

Anyway, fans are waiting so much and the essential is that the game would finally show up. And now, what are we waiting for?

Novelties to notice

This time we’ll see many new things in this part. First of all, the place. Freddy, who’s been the owner of every previous pizzeria we’ve worked for, now owns the entire entertainment complex! And a special party is about to begin. Our already acquainted antagonists will introduce us to the new ones; the looks are refreshed with the glam-rock style and locations are now far more big and fashionable.

After all, the new characters appeared. The main two are Gregory and Vanessa. Gregory is a little frightened boy, who’s forced to face these terrors. And Vanessa… Is she normal or not – you never know before trying.