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There are no restrictions in Garrys Mod! You can do whatever you want and use your imagination. Here you will have a huge opportunity to create different entertainment for yourself. All you need is to be creative! You are your own master and in a sense, you are here – God!

The main character does not have specific goals and objectives, but you can come up with them yourself! You will get a huge amount of tools and materials and decide how to use them. You can build large buildings or create some kind of mechanism. Come up with a design that everyone will be crazy about!

Make sketches of a car, rocket, or catapult. You can also come up with something that is not yet in this world and give it a name. Populate your world with characters or edit ready-made ones. You can change their facial expressions and even choose the position for them in which they will stand.

Add new props like furniture, weapons or funny items. Set off explosions for more action. You can also choose something like a hobby for yourself! For example, you can fire a laser, hunt birds, or race watermelons! There are no boundaries in this game! Trust your imagination and show your creativity and creativity! Have fun and don’t be shy!