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The war between birds is over, but they keep competing in other fields. Militaristic ducks lose peace when their long-necked rivals conquer the open space! They put an emergency plan into action: to infiltrate the spaceship and ground cosmic ambitions together with the crew. On the other hand, discerning astronauts are already suspecting spies on board.

Goose Goose Duck has several maps, modes, and a voice chat with an optional proximity regime. The customization is so hot that out of 16 players everyone may have a unique role. It gives your character a personality with their own missions and sometimes opens new plot lines. For example, Dodo just wants to get lost in the abyss, and Pigeon is born to infect birds no matter their ideology.

Participate and earn coins and scrap you will spend in the game store later. Try on wonderful combinative costumes and pets-multipliers! You can even invent an evil elite blaster in case you are a chosen villain on the map.