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Granny Chapter 3 is an exciting continuation of the famous game. You have to take all your emotions under control and defeat the evil old people. How long can you hold out in this creepy building? Test your strength and how you can think soberly in stressful situations! Circle the pensioners around your finger and go free safe and sound!

What to expect from the old people this time?

In this horror game you have to take on the role of a researcher. You set out to look for new objects to explore. Somehow you ended up not far from the mysterious mansion. Interest got the better of you, and you decided to take a closer look at it. It was probably not the best idea for the night time, but there is no way back.

You open the gate and enter someone else’s territory. You could not even imagine what awaits you inside! There is a famous old couple living here who will do anything to keep you.

Now your main task is to escape from here as soon as possible. You will open your eyes and realize that you are in some kind of dark basement. Start thinking of all possible ways out of this situation! Scattered everywhere are various objects with which you have to interact.

Be careful! Be quiet so as not to attract the attention of psychopaths. If they get too close, hide! In case they take you by surprise – start defending yourself! On your difficult path, you will be accompanied by puzzles that must be solved. Be invulnerable and brave! Find a way out of this hell!