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The problems in the relationships, the risk of a family being ruined – it’s not funny. This is the grave reality of many people around the world. However, the developers of Hazelight studio managed to turn such a dramatic story into a great colorful distraction which has not only good graphics, but well organized storyline and gameplay too.

Why It Takes Two?

The storyline is based on the confrontation of the main characters. They are spouses, but because of troubles with mutual understanding and other problems with their relationships, they have decided to divorce. Suddenly that couple finds themselves in the bodies of their child’s dolls and now they have to find a way out.
The concept is about having 2 players for a couple of main characters. There’s no single player, so the whole plot depends entirely on the quality of mutual understanding of gamers. So will you manage to conceive the main idea of that concept, that “Together – is the best”…?