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Games are a perfect method to reveal your hidden talents. The unlimited virtual world without rules places myriads of opportunities before your eyes. You can switch your occupation from the assassin to the Tamagochi caretaker in a minute—imagine this taking place in reality!

Take a look at genres presented on this site and find your favorites. You won’t leave this place without getting a dose of entertainment.

What Will You Be Like?

Quickly, build the stronghold and hold up the army of barbarians from the West! Take your captain’s sword and enter the battlefield for the honor of your guild. Trouble never comes alone: a strange enemy warrior has just bitten your companion, and now he eats only fresh human flesh!

Shooting him and the waves of corrupted soldiers, you have spotted a fenced mansion. Without a thought, you dash in and lock the gates, though you don’t receive any warming hugs from the householders. Long story short, you wake up in the dirty cellar, forced to think with your brain instead of muscles.

So, for a token wage, you agree to decorate the gloomy interior for your roommates by chance. Their hearts thaw from the sight of new sunny walls! But one day, the parents trust you to babysit their little demonic son…

…And Your Journey Goes On

Play with your own destiny and decide the fates of everyone around, writing the history of the personal Universe. Each year brings more cunning challenges from young and old studios, so don’t miss our newest updates!