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If you are a big fan of horror games and have already played a huge number of them, do not dare to despair and think that you will no longer find real challenges! Poppy Playtime is a fun puzzle adventure where your main goal will be to stay alive. The story tells about an abandoned toy factory, where you actually have to go.

How to play?

Several years ago, all the workers in the factory mysteriously disappeared and your main goal will be to find out the real truth of what exactly happened on that strange day. You will find yourself in the building, where the atmosphere is saturated with fear.

You will be in the role of one of the employees who managed to escape. You have to explore the entire territory, solve various puzzles, and you can use GrabPack to make it easier and more convenient for you.

Who will interfere with your investigation?

It will seem to you that you are all alone in the factory, but this is only until the first strange noise. The building is completely at the disposal of toys that at first glance seem cute, but something terrible lurks behind their smiles.

Evil dolls will try their best to stop you from learning the real truth! You have to get to know a blue monster Huggy Wuggy. He is huge in size with an eerie expression on his face, and he will always be there, even if it seems to you that he is somewhere far away.

Fans loved this game so much that they are eagerly awaiting chapter 2. The developers promise that the sequel will be released in 2022.